Writing & Editing

What Are Our Services?

Great writing is the foundation for success, whether you are composing a term paper, advertising copy, an instruction manual, or a grant application. Clumsy writing strips you of credibility. Grammar and usage errors distract your reader from your message. Brick Work Writing offers consultation and editing services to make your writing polished and professional—and your message clear.

Brick Work’s services include:

Consultation, Coaching, & Tutoring

You might need a writing coach or tutor if you…

  • Have been told your writing is ineffective or unclear.
  • Want to take your writing to a higher level.
  • Want better grades.
  • Would like to be published.
  • Have a great book concept but need help organizing your ideas.
  • Face a daunting assignment.


Line Editing & Format Editing

For writing that needs a light touch or final check…

Every manuscript benefits from a final proofreading pass. Even experienced writers need editorial support—an objective critique, help meeting a deadline, a check for proper citation format.

Line Editing

Line editing includes proofreading for typographical and spelling errors, a mark-up to correct mistakes in grammar and usage, and minor suggestions for style revision.

Format Editing

Format editing ensures your piece conforms to a particular style or citation format: Examples include The Chicago Manual of Style, the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (social sciences), the Modern Language Association style guide, or the Bluebook Uniform System of Citation (law).

Deep Editing

An in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of your writing, deep editing includes at least one consultation and is useful if you need…

  • Better structure, organization, and unity.
  • To condense without sacrificing substance.
  • To expose gaps in your reasoning.
  • To develop your individual voice.



Those who write clearly have readers, those
who write obscurely have commentators.